Maybe you shouldn’t have taught me
How to wait for an eternity
for something good to come along
Maybe you should see me
before this world ends

Maybe you should not have held my hand
and told me to wait with you a little longer
Through the stormy skies and starry nights

Should not have stood so close,
with your false promise of more
your heady scent going straight to my head

Not told me your stories
until they seemed like mine
created crystal dreams
breakable and fragile

You are my tragedy
Maybe I was yours
or maybe I was that girl
with no flowers to give
and no hearts to hold

and in the twilight
Maybe we should still
All frozen
In the warm tones of our blue

hello, this was reaaaallyy mushy I know, but this is for my future soft boy with pretty eyes and messy hair. Only if he exists, haha πŸ™‚

a girl can dream πŸ˜›

and I think hand-holding art is so pretty, it speaks to me a lot more than any other form of intimate art!

Thank You for all the love x

62 thoughts on “You

  1. Our precious monthly savagesavante poem! πŸ’™ It’s like receiving your favourite magazine in the post 😁.

    “hello, this was reaaaallyy mushy I know”

    I never knew you were so mushy! Lol. I have such a skewed perspective of you as being this super-dark person.

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    1. hello, That is so kind and means so much to me. I probably should not put it in words how much and jinx it. haha

      I am probably this tragic, dark and romantic person. Gets really hard to pin me down, in coming years maybe I’ll be all sunshine and rainbows.
      Thank you x

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      1. “I probably should not put it in words how much and jinx it.”

        Haha! πŸ˜†πŸ‘.

        “I am probably this tragic, dark and romantic person.”

        πŸ˜…. Well, you’re putting it to good effect at the moment in your writing, at least! You’re welcome! πŸ€—

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  2. I wish that star-enchanted boy will find you, after all some eerie forces conspire to bring love to love, as I like to believe. And it is the left wing and right wing, holy serpents that through alchemy find freedom and happiness in life and hereafter…

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    1. star-enchanted boy, wow I’m already starry eyed. I don’t know about the machinations of the divine fate or eerie forces and the way they all work, it is mysterious but when you put it this way, I might believe it too. thank you so much

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    1. I didn’t listen because I didn’t see it. also I like your photography more so that is where my taste lies unfortunately.
      well, please continue enjoying the food πŸ™‚


      1. and clearly the staff cannot understand English. but nonetheless, all around the world, in all parts we can get scammers, mean and rude people. I think it’s more to do with human flaw than race or ethnicity. but just a perspective, u don’t have to agree.


    1. well, if u someday decide to visit (highly unlikely) I’ll take you to the amaze local food joints and your chances of being scammed would be zero. that is all I can vouch for not for the actions of my “brothers” scamming your “brother”.


      1. where should i start from ?? I can tell you bout the economic conditions, the historical colonialism, corrupt governments and lack of institutional and public infrastructures that all in all contribute in “extreme” poverty here. don’t worry, we will get there πŸ™‚


      2. as I said I’m a writer. writing is my content on WordPress. focus on the words, I know it might be difficult since English is not your Lang but try
        you too, wash your hands as well. lack of taste is a symptom of covid


      1. well, you make a fair point. I guess. but I always look for it in places that I have prioritised. my mom, my granny, my friends. little things that makes me happy without asking for any thing in return.
        maybe, I have stopped chasing that idea of grand love and try to find it even in a small bug

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      2. It’s hard to say what I mean. I’ve prioritized the same people, but they abuse me. They don’t listen to me. They marginalize me. They think everything I do isn’t serious.

        The idea of grand love is the most important to pursue. In Plato’s Symposium, they are talking about it. It’s the ability to appreciate the good, and find it in all things. I think that’s a worthy pursuit, on worth getting lost in. I can find no other more important pursuit in our lives, than to chase the universal meaning of love. It brings us closest to God, so therefore, perfection.

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      3. oh, I’m sorry to hear that. and I’m also sorry to assume every body has same relations like I do.
        Well, you should chase the universal meaning of love. I mean at the end of the day we all want to go home to somebody we love and respect. somebody who understands us. so that does make it worthy. agreed. I was merely talking about something on grand scale and pretentious. maybe I am really sceptical when it comes to love and dont easily believe that it could mean more like they talk about in books. it just sounds weird to me

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      4. It’s real. I don’t think romance is the meaning to life. I just think it’s one of the things that makes life a lot nicer to live. If you do it right. Most people don’t, which is why you’re skeptical of it. Me too, actually.

        It has to be built on friendship first. Almost exclusively. The feeling of being in love is a fleeting thing. It goes away after three to four years. It’s not really a good place to put meaning, but the camaraderie of not having to live life alone, of building and sharing a space with someone, it’s about the only thing I can find in life that’s has a meaning. When it fails, it’s a bad time to be alive.

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  3. Very well composed, great flow and fluency to connect the right sensation chords and send some “essential tremors” . I love your uniqueness of presentation. Though, I rarely comment (do click the like star always though), this one was different. Touched a raw nerve. It bled for a while and then Coagulated in this comment. Thanks for sharing. Regards. Jay

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