Look, I am running again
In an endless loop of night and day
All of this makes me anxious
So I’m running again

Chasing a melody
That reminds me of places
I have only been in my dreams
Of nostalgia and imagined peace

Again, I go through the motions
Follow the pattern
Call it a day, start the night
Leave the dreaming to my mind

I’m running again
All of it makes me anxious
But I don’t know how to stop
So I keep running

I lay down on that same grassy hill
All the tension drains, My aim blurs
Temporary goal fades
Anxiety crumbles
So, I just stop and stare
At the endless fabric of night sky

My mind humming a melody
Only I can hear
My conscious etching me a painting
That only I get to see

So I close my eyes
And rest to the sound
Of this dying night
And I hear a voice
Mellow and Breezy
To my agitated mind

An answer to all my prayers
So I finally unclench my fingers
Let it all go
And underneath the lonely stars
I start again

16 thoughts on “Breathe

      1. The irony of learning is that it never ends. The moment you undertake this path, you won’t find finality. But that should not be taken as discouragement, for a mind that opens itself to the infinity of knowledge will live a far more beautiful and graceful life, than that closed by ignorance.

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