These feelings are hard to find!


We were on cusp of meeting the world,
two lonely kids facing the sun with their shadows falling behind them
Our different perspective warred with each other but also
came together as a beautiful amalgamation of contradictory thoughts
co-existing and nurturing each other.
Never Imposing, Never cruel!

I saw cosmos through his eyes, in its cold vast immensity
A place of countless wonders and mysteries unexplored!
I could see Nebula unfurling behind his dark eyes
His dense words pulling me in, with force of a luminous Quasar

When it came to me, he was awed
by the countless arcane stories I told him
I made him see, the mysticism that eluded him
His eyes were fixated on me as I narrated in great detail,
the stories behind each constellation,
Painting warmth with my words in his cold universe

The world burned and crumbled in front of our eyes
The various civilization in their immense glory
reducing slowly to degeneracy
ending in annihilation, leaving an echo of its legacy
We’d talk about it all
In the lonely hours of dusk

Even with the paths diverging in front of our eyes
conspiring to drive us apart
He’d whisper promises to me
of not forgetting my inane stories spun of dainty dreams
and sturdy myths
And I’d close the distance between us
sealing the promise with a kiss

To see another sunset
Whenever the time decides to bring us together

cause of all the stories,

Our would never have a definite end!


20 thoughts on “These feelings are hard to find!

    1. Heyyy, I considered my job done if this was able to really touch you like that. It was written in a whirlwind after reading a book on cosmos, so that is where I drew my inspiration from. You might have read something similar for sure. Thank you x

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