Believed in all the cliched stories
Dreamed a stale version of you
Made you out of my calm and peace
Painted you with colors of my dreams
Dressed you in fancy of my lies
That conformed to all my vice

Fate didn’t listen to these wishes
That I put forth in the dark of endless nights

It made you cruel and unkind
An anathema to my very existence
Your dark eyes forebode
The dangers of turbulent seas
and high tides
Your corrupt heart
was intricately twisted with mine

I didn’t want it
Yet I had no choice
My clouded Judgement
Brought me back to you
and your dangerous eyes

In search of peace,
I was corrupted by your violence
In your silence,
I found a risky dalliance
Even though I bled
on the inside
Trying to fix something that wasn’t mine
I continued on
with fathomless determination
A pursuit of failure
ending up in grim heartbreak

Even if your sins
are bigger than your lies
Even if you are broken
and beyond repair
Even if your love hides
Your inner malice
Even if with time
Your heart replaces
Our shared ties
The singularity of my mind
still won’t believe that you are not mine

34 thoughts on “Anathema

  1. Kind of reminds me of a gothic romance. Just that passionate, grim feeling that style has. I love it.

    You should check out posting some dark poetry to
    I’ve been putting my poetry there. And you can link back to the original post. You should check it out, your poetry is amazing!

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    1. Hii.. this has to be the best thing that I read today, I was sceptical about writing something like this but now it feels fine. Thank you so much.
      And will surely give your poetry a read.. πŸ’™πŸ’™

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  2. Reminds me of things in my past, a different time, different relationship, I’ll reply to your affair in my poor English (please do pardon), because it resounds with figments of my life:

    Stories are my to believe
    You ought not to open ears
    For revelations true and deluded
    Reserved only for the dead
    Kind reciprocity
    To see through our hells
    Cruelty is an impulse
    Of pasts you shant know
    Lecture on contamination
    That you never understood
    Confessing healing
    To bitterly teach and protect
    Was your veiled malignant
    Willing to suffocate or adore
    That a malicious treat
    Still a compassionate move
    For a master that turned into a beggar
    From a lion to a pitiful broken tape
    Don’t try and thrust a dagger
    Into my deepest past regret.
    I made you more dignified
    Than the greatest of thieves
    A virtue you’ll never forget.

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    1. Speechless. Really. This is beautiful.. I can see the way you correlated this with my poem so subtly. “Cruelty is an impulse of pasts you shan’t know” . Can I just say wow. “Willing to suffocate or adore”. Another beautiful line. And my fav has to be the last three lines. Seamless, subtle, poignant. I’m flattered that my poem was able to resonate and affect you this deeply. Thank you so much for this piece of work. It was beautiful. πŸ’™

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  3. Wonderful! I loved this. When I was doing poetry, I would write the last line or stanza first and build my thoughts chain on the last . lines. Usually, it pleased me and that’s why I was . writing – not to please anyone else.
    “Even if with time
    Your heart replaces
    Our shared ties
    The singularity of my mind
    still won’t believe that you are not mine” . What wonderful articulation and written well . with inner feelings. When I read the poem again, it indeed made sense and evoked some memories – deep, painful, sweet, romantic and great. Thanks for sharing. REgards. Jay

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    1. Hi!!
      I read this comment with sucha huge dorky smile on my face. I had some scattered thoughts and random fantasy that I tried to express as well as I could. While writing this, I seriously had only the last line ricocheting inside my brain and I’m impressed that u caught on to that.
      And wow, I’m glad that this was able to touch something deep within you. I guess, the purpose behind this poem has been achieved really. πŸ’™πŸ˜Š thank you so much.

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