Carving Love


Sweet darling,
You don’t smile,
Your eyes don’t shine
So let me carve a smile
On that forlorn profile

It will pain, darling
But I won’t let the wound fester
I will make a clean incision
rippingΒ  through the tissue
and if the pain is unbearable
I’ll fucking kiss you

Darling, I’ll be careful
I won’t let the knife reach your bones
I will erode all your woes
I will swallow your moans
Listen to me, baby
People do crazy things for love
Some die, some live
We’ll live together forever
Even if you bleed on my carpet
Even if your heart decelerates
but no one can separate us
cause my love is greater than your hate

Death is trivial
so is this life
If I don’t got you in it
or your doomed smile

My arms are open, darling
I’ll accept you as you are
but Just let me carve a smile
on that sad, beautiful visage.




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