Echoes Of Vanity


His was beauty ethereal
Reflected to him in calm waters
All he admired
All he cared
was beauty of his own reflection

With a love not lost
yet cursed with a voice that repeats
She was a nymph mortal
Immortalized by her own reiterations

The fates erred
played a cruel jest
And her heart was arrested
By his soulful gaze

It wasn’t a fairy tale
spun with false promises
He was the one
who rend her heart
into tiny million pieces

And along with the breeze
they floated,
lost somewhere in the mountains,
Echoing a sad tale
of a heart broken by vanity and pride
of a lover who loved himself
to his eventual demise

(This is based on the myth of Narcissus and Echo that I tried to bring about in the form of short poem, Hope y’all like it!!!! )


36 thoughts on “Echoes Of Vanity

  1. I loved this poem…do it again..I come across words in the dictionary connected to Greek Mythology…and it’s really interesting to tie the story into a poem -A lot of these stories end up as one of the participants turning into a stone , a river or a bird…

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    1. Greek mythology is a world in itself with all its mystical stories. Especially lesser known ones.. I love the tragedy they depict, the mortal Flaws even tho magnified are relatable… And yeah the participants more or less have a tragic end, happily ever afters are rare, either u die, become a constellation or some animal. Haha. But thank you so much for reading πŸ’™ so appreciated πŸ’™


      1. There always seems to be a lesson in the background. or an explanation linked to Natural occurances like earthquakes and volcano eruptions. The giant gest buried under a volcano…Agrius became known for strength and aggression.. later on in life for barbaric cruelty.The gods weren’t happy.

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      1. You know your stuff…I always think it’s so weird how dysfunctional their families were…Like Agrius..His mom is Gala (Earth) He lover was Uranus (Sky) but he didn’t like all the kids he created. In the end he was castrated by Titan’s son Cronius …from his blood was formed Agrius…who was a giant. Poor kid never had a chance for a normal life…

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  2. Poor Echo had it bad from the beginning ;o; Then being cursed at that and having to watch her love fizzle out…

    Great poem! Cool to see your bring this tale to life in a modern poem. As a pagan I generally love reading about mythos haha

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