Semper Fidelis


We are flesh and bone disintegrating into each other,
Passing time or finding one another,
I had lie and say that your eyes is the only thing I see,
But this elastic heart has no interest in holding you to me.

I’d lie and say that You are the only one I want,
I’d lie and say that your caresses soothes my broken mind,
But that is all it will be,
an elaborate lie of bodily desires

I can never be the one that can love you completely
nor the one that asks you to stay when you don’t want to
cause my love is selfish
and ephemeral in its intensity.

Until then,
Fare thee well,
I’ll teach myself to fall in love wholly
With your brokenness and flaws unseen
and you can
learn to desire me
despite the darkness that consumes me!

Cause If I’m going to love you
I won’t botch it with infidelity!!

22 thoughts on “Semper Fidelis

    1. And also when you are unable to love them however hard you try or the fact that this heart can never be only owned by one person. So many complexities for something that is supposed to be as simple as love.

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