Masquerade of broken dreams,
Reflecting all those rejections and missed opportunities,

Heavy heart and listless soul
Solemn eyes and suspicious glares

Hidden regrets and yearnings
of days long gone by

Masquerade of relentless time
and charade of endless possibilities

your solitude
hiding you from world’s eye

While the devil inside you
wants to be let free

Masquerade of pretentious souls
with their expiration date ticking close

But fear not,
I’ll still hold your cold hand
I’ll let you kiss me

This masquerade of empty glances
and beautiful faces

Bringing with them thousand stories
and leaving scars unseen

Waiting for them to come back
even with the heartbreak and misery

This Masquerade of  life
transient and fleeting
but I’ll still be dancing with you ’til death
Through eternity


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