Temple of Sin



Those beady black eyes peered at me and my heart was gripped by the clammy hands of dread. Those blue-black wings reflected off an ethereal sheen but it wasn’t enough to conceal the malice that was part of this place. This place and this bird, following my every movement with keenness that belied the thick coating of death and despair.

My mind wasn’t a sane place, it was ripped apart in places. Places, things and objects have emotions, an aura which is imperceptible to humans with whole mind. However, for me these emotions are amplified to such an extent that my mind has made them tangible. I can feel them like a heavy touch, suffocating me with paranoia. I can feel my mind collapsing yet again, this desolate house breaking the thin barriers of my hard kept sanity.

The black bird cocks his head to the side and appraises me once before taking flight plunging the whole place into silence. I look around the house, the place is dilapidated since ages. Once an humble abode now reduced to shambles with crumbling walls and broken dusty windows. The house pressed on my mind, whispering inane tales of death and glory. However, my ears were muffled with thick silence that even I couldn’t break with my laboured breathing.

I trudged on deeper into the abyss, my relentless mind looking for salvation in the temple of sin. This house was guilty, he had seen things, he hid things and his best kept secrets were his downfall. His great ruin.

It opened into a room, with huge french windows letting in light through the layers of grime and far off in the corner I could make out a canopy bed. The house whispered again, it wanted me to leave. I couldn’t. I walked further into the room making out a dark lump on the bed. The lump had a head turned to other side and I could make out soft blonde curls framing a sleeping face. My hands on their own accord tried to reach her limp body to wake her from her slumber.

With sudden swoosh of air, the black bird perched itself on the pillow and pecked the sleeping girl.ย  I muffled a sudden scream as chunk of her rotting flesh dangled between his beak, my insides churning and my guts protesting. As he went for another morsel, I tried to shoo him away. His beak connected with her head with such force that her decapitated head turned towards me. My mind screamed as fear echoed inside the ripped places. Her young face was bruised and battered, her eye socket empty and unblinking, her sutured lips shut on an inaudible scream.

I turned around and ran from that doll-like room and took a blind turn into another room with another dead girl resting peacefully on the bed. My guts churned, my mind screamed and my eyes watered. All the rooms in this house were graced by dead doll like girls, their putrid stench shredding my insides apart. I ran towards the balcony trying to escape the stench and the images playing on loop inside my brain.
The balcony was crumbling and the untamed trees had demolished half of the structure. I took huge, calming breaths as the black bird stared at me.
“Lookie! What little birdie has brought me today?”
I turned around to look at the man in a cowl that concealed his face, my heart rate increasing. I could see the screaming girls in his eyes, begging for their life. His malice stopped my heart for few seconds and before he could make a move, I stepped off the ledge.

With cold air rushing, I could feel my ripped mind coming together for one final end.ย 



17 thoughts on “Temple of Sin

  1. Ok…this was way too intense and quite horrific writing. The Birds, the girls, rooms, screaming screens the man… very demented. Next Horror Flick, you definitely painted imagery all the way through.


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