Those Wilted Blossoms!


Those windswept brown curls falling gently in your eyes, that sweet boyish smile capturing my attention.
Unbeknownst to you, I couldn’t help but wonder how well you’ll complement me.
Your self-assured silent calm and my anxious klutziness,
Your worldliness and my dream world.
Your haphazard curls and my proper straight hair, telling opposite story.

I might not have touched you but your essence envelops me with yearnings of those wistful days beneath cherry blossom tree waiting for “the one”
I might never see you but my eyes won’t stop searching for your face

The days will glide into weeks and weeks will seamlessly move into months, the twist and turn of time bringing forth new stories for me to write
But yours would be the one that I wished the most to come true,
Yours would be the one that kept me awake at 11:11, wishing for a miracle
However futile!

I won’t ask you to love me or ask you to stay
cause I am just a girl stealing glances at a boy from afar
knowing well-enough that it won’t last.

11 thoughts on “Those Wilted Blossoms!

    1. Hi Christina. I am glad you were able to connect with this poem in such way and the girl in the poem will definitely get him to notice her one way or another. Thank you πŸ’™


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