Some days are grey.

They are stifling and bland. Monotony choking you with anxiety and despair. Everything is bleak and suffocating.

Your pensive mind is either stuck in past fretting over pointless regrets or trying to catch hold of the intangible threads of future.

While the present is slipping through your fingers like fine grain of sand. 

Some days are flash of colour!

With spring in your step, you smile at the sky filled with hope that eats away the black cloud of despair.

The shine in your smile drives out the choking mist of gloom.

Everything aligns perfectly to make you realise that your ups are followed by downs.

It’s all a state of mind or circumstances as you may
but not an imminent doomsday,


while you are it,

Drive away all of those raining on your parade to let the sunbeams through!


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