Broken Deity


Watching remains of a goddess broken beyond repair,
I feel an ancient faith that transcends time and resonates despair!

Her lotus eyes looks at the ugly reality,
she looks at the hordes of believers and non-believers
reduced to depravity,

She sits there discarded
she sits there forgotten
she sits there observing
as time passes by unnoticed

My eyes tries to unravel the mystery
of a wise visage full of misery


The broken world of this broken deity,
makes me question my own sanity!





29 thoughts on “Broken Deity

  1. This poem resonates with my own outward view of the world I mosey around in. I ask myself, is it me, or has the world gone bonkers? The world keeps pointing at me since I don’t join in the daily depravity.

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      1. Ah yes, and with a little kindness found in good food and wine along with coercion from several types of blunt weapons properly applied to stalwart attitudes, we will prevail in our takeover of the world. Muwaaaa haaaa haaaa!

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  2. This poem is beautiful. The world has become ugly, full of those that worship idols and slander them on a repeat basis. x I feel that 2019 is a year for spirituality. x πŸ™‚

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