Reading Escapades!


Books. What a treasure trove? Right? Not just an escape but a constant companion.
I found my home here and it was everything I had imagined and more and before I could process anything I was completely immersed in this world to the point of addiction. Stories kept me from spiralling into madness in this already mad world. I felt the pain, joy, sadness, love, heartbreak everything through the point of my favourite characters. I took the best out of those stories and applied it in real life and it sailed rather smoothly.

As a kid, I started reading by sneaking religious books into a small cupboard behind my bed and read all the stories even though it didn’t make any sense to me. When my brother got the library pass for the first time, he used to issue books that he never touched but that became a constant source of excitement for me. No one in my family was particularly enthusiastic about reading and all the books that my Dad had were huge mathematics books in which numbers looked like vague squiggles and made me feel nauseous. (Yes, spend hours trying to read that as well)

So, I read whatever I could get my hands on even though nothing made any sense to me. I even read my elder brothers course books just for the pictures and for the sake of reading without actually processing anything. During my exams, I would hide the book behind my textbook and continue reading. (Since my mother liked to give surprise inspections followed by quite a verbal bashing if found not studying)

My first actual serious book after I moved on from ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ at the Barbie picture books (yes, was totally a girl with great undying love for colour pink) was Harry Potter series sans watching the movies beforehand. Even getting those books were kind of labour considering our town had no such bookstore where they sold fiction novels. But somehow I got my hands on all the parts and gobbled it up with a diligence that was unmatched.

And this was the start of a love which till date remains unparalleled for me. Since, magic and supernatural was my first genre, I still adore it to pieces and love paranormal stories. The books which I find absolute trash are the motivational or success books, I have read few of them but I feel life is too vague and has no defined success formula. They are just preying on our insecurities to earn quick bucks and explaining all the things which we already know.

So, if you ask me what kind of books I like, I still have no definite answer. It’s like asking an artist what is her favourite colour. I like books that captures my imagination and takes me far and wide and very few authors have such capability!

So, books are going to be there for a long haul and I’ll probably die with a book in my hand. I even have decided a nice little phrase for the tombstone:

Someone who read and read well! 


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