Castle of Lies!


He build a castle of lies to hide all his anxiety, pain and insecurities. The castle was beautiful and was made from everything he imagined his world would be like. The garden of deception bore fruit of his lies which were sweet and tantalising to the nobles and peasants alike. He filled the moat with crocodiles of oblivion to ward off the truth of reality come crashing into his make-believe kingdom. His keep was filled with high ranking Nobles that he adored and wanted to impress all the time. They danced around in the ballroom made to assuage his pride, decked in their finery made from chicanery and hidden malice.

He thought he had it all. He thought he could live his life like this but deep into the moonless night when the revelries were over, everybody was tucked into the bed and the winds whispered through the stretching limbs of the dead trees. He could hear the jarring screams coming from the dungeon which made the whole castle shudder in apprehension.

His own reflection mocked him for the man he was becoming. His soul couldn’t enjoy the various pleasures, his face was smiling but his heart was drowning in the misery of his own intricate lies. The castle rang hollow with fake laughter and countless revelry, his attempt to keep everyone happy was proving harder for him to do with passing time.

The relentless time put things in perspective, his heart was no longer in the sham he had perfected. In the dusky hours, when the sky is rendered a beautiful shade of lilac and orange. Just when the sun dips behind the horizon, he wistfully looked at the peasants returning home to their humble abode of hard work and devotion. Their arms embracing the kind of love which is beyond reason and withstands all the seasons.

His yearning grew for such simple life, he wanted unconditional love and he set his heart upon it. So, he went to the dungeons where he kept his demons. He looked them each in their glowing red eyes and finally took out the keys to set them free. He knew that they were his downfall, he knew that they would ruin all his hard work yet he also knew that they were his true self in all its glorious mess.

After all, they were his anxiety, doubt, pain and insecurities personified and they were the one who destroyed his elaborate castle of lies.

Hi, Thank you everyone for sticking by this very hopeless blogger. I am still trying to get hold of this whole blogging thing and an amateur like me does get intimidated by the big-shots. So, just tryna do me! This story is so very personal in the sense that I battle anxiety on a daily basis and it sure gets ugly, after all I am a very flawed social animal! I hope you like it!

21 thoughts on “Castle of Lies!

  1. Even superheroes have stuff under their bed that makes them squeamish. We writerly types share a lot of common anxieties so I get you. I wish I’d saved my first attempts at blogging. I would post them once in a while just to remind everyone what real word stink smells like. I imagined in my mind, my three readers giving me the who farted look. I made friends with my demons. That scared them. They didn’t know what I was up to and it made them nervous but after a while, we had a great time together. Keep on being you because that’s the part we all love best.

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    1. Aww. Thank you the last line really got to me!!! πŸ’™πŸ’™ thank you for the constant encouragement and barrage of kind words that u send my way. They are constant motivators. Feels good to know that I am not alone.. everybody has different kind of battles and in the end the thing that matters is our fight. πŸ’™πŸ’™

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    1. Thank you!!! Yass.. we all have our personal demons haunting us and it takes courage to embrace them. Yeah, trying to be me as much as I can πŸ’™πŸ’™ thank you for the support and encouragement surely need it

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  2. I can definitely relate to this. I’ve built my own foundation of lies, until I decided to have it crash down completely and start building with pure honesty. Is it easy? Hell no… the lies still have their comfort and it is difficult to resist them. But I am damn grateful I am making progress. A lot of progress!

    And I am happy to see you do so as well, my friend! Even from such demons we have a lot to learn. A lesson about the power of truth.

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    1. It makes me so happy when people can relate to my writings in their own way. I felt so inspired by reading your kind words put in sucha delicate and raw manner! I wish you all the luck in your fight with your demons, and hope that you sustain your progress. However, thank you so much πŸ’™

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      1. Glad to hear it, my friend! And also happy you enjoyed the way I’ve written it. I never saw my style as being both delicate and raw. I like it! Thank you for that!


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