Once Upon a Misty Gloom!


I sat alone looking out of the window marvelling at the rain droplets tracing their path to unknown destination. The boisterous noise of kids returning from the trek and boarding the bus drowned my thoughts and drew my attention away from my make believe world. Everyone passed my seat, exchanging laughter and reminiscing about the adventures they had during the trip. The snippets of fun filled days made my heart heavy at the prospect of leaving this place.

As everyone settled down, I looked at the empty seat next to mine and heaved a sigh. My way back home was going to be dismal and solitary but the wondrous mountain scenery was going to be my company. I looked out the window and continued with my string of thoughts.

Three rowdy boys occupied the seat next to mine and my annoyance knew no bounds. Maybe I made a sad, pitiful figure or maybe he was bored and was looking to pass his time. He turned to me and broke my stupor with his adorable stutter. My eyes widened in surprise and I tried to figure out what was his problem. He was nervous and my lips twitched with suppressed humour. He was nervous around me and that thought was quite unfathomable. After all, I was just a quite girl, plain and shy who never got second glance.

We struck an easy conversation after he got over his initial hesitation and the words flowed uninhibited. We exchanged stories of our completely different worlds and in our shared camaraderie I found a kindred soul. I  wasn’t as indifferent to him as I was feigning. My mind travelled to all those moments when I used to steal bashful glances at him during the trip. I remembered his easy gait as he walked in front of me, his focused eyes as he handled the ropes, his determination to reach the top first and his easy laughter when he messed around with the younger kids.

We became good friends and that was what we were supposed to be even though my heart yearned for more. It was written in our destiny to be in each others memory as the passing time faded us from each others lives. He left me with lifetime of feelings as he moved away to the different part of the country. We lost touch and he moved on with his life and I taught myself to move forward in mine.

Even at that time when it seemed impossible to feel the same way again, I learned that our heart isn’t made of glass that can be shattered beyond repair. It is the strongest little organ that teaches us to love again and it taught me that people come and go like ocean tides. In such changing  world, the only constant is me and tearing myself apart for someone who wasn’t meant to be was my biggest fault.

Now, he has found the one he was looking for and I found my very being.

55 thoughts on “Once Upon a Misty Gloom!

  1. You consistently find those secrets I keep in the storage closet behind my head elves’ control room. I loved climbing in the mountains of my earlier life. Ropes, Swiss seats, and carabiners, oh, my! It was a solitary life spent with special friends. This story is perfectly relatable in its poignant view of learning to cherish friends and ultimately oneself. I didn’t stutter, but my mind sure did, LOL. Friends and lovers all left in time. It took decades to learn to let go and live looking forward instead of back. The scenery behind me is so beautiful though; it can be hard to turn around in time to see what lies ahead. Happy New Year! I look forward to our Blogoteer group’s total dominion of the universe.

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    1. I don’t know how but you always tend to get my words the best maybe its the shared experiences in the mountains.. but I couldn’t have put it any better way than the way you did in your comment …what a thoughtful thing to say…. happy New year to you as well.. we sure would silently and steadily conquer the universe.. just a matter of time.. And that’s the only thing I am looking forward to. πŸ™‚

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      1. You do get in my head with no trouble at all. I’ll leave the door open. I wouldn’t want you to stumble in the dark in there. I thought once we conquered the known universe we could go after the unknown parts. That would be high adventure right there.

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      2. Exactly. In my nursing home stage, I’ve made arrangements for beer chugging, wheelchair races, and whoopie cushion competitions. The inmates will rock that place. πŸ™‚

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      1. All have secrets so better keep others and ours hidden better right but I think your mind’s eye sees things different from me but that’s what comments are for I just love your blogs different and tricky

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      2. Thank you
        None taken.
        Everyone has their own perspective and likings and I respect that.
        I hope my blog gives you a fresh view to this world even though my lens is quite twisted and dark. πŸ’™

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      3. I I just realised at least you were so truthful that’s what the world is but it’s not mine salute to you for saying the dark monsters people can’t hide it’s on their faces funny matter of time time crafty actually the demon will ultimately have a feast of oneself mark my words I am a woman a mom and know the end

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      4. Yeah, guess we have different worlds for sure! But some of my work is fiction not really inspired by reality at all but just imagination. So, if it gets really dark in here. I hope you read it with that view. πŸ’™

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