Peace found in Nowhere!

Standing atop the rooftop, I see the huge buildings caging me in. People rushing around in their swanky cars below while my heart is gripped in a sudden standstill of nostalgia. This concrete jungle of passing glances and hidden paranoia doesn’t appeal to me as much as I hoped it would have. Everybody wants to stand out, everybody wants to draw attention or everybody is trying to out-do another.
What do I want?

I belong to another world, a much simpler world. A world where people give unconditional love, where a mere glance can comfort and where being humble is considered an admirable quality.

In my minds eye, I can see the glorious mountains surrounding me. I can hear the laughter of people who might not have seen riches as such but are not miser in handing out love. I can feel the aura of the crumbling temple atop the hills where the water is cool and summer winds silently caress your skin. I feel myself running down the steps and reaching the baoli (stepwell) with beautiful dancing figures engraved on the sides telling about history lost to time. The blue water reflects the sun, dragonflies of various colours dance above the water and a small girl with her feet dipped in the water smiles at the reflection she sees in it with peace she has never known encompassing her.

I belong to this world, a world where stars comes out and decorate the sky like tiny, million fireflies. Not this world of dusty roads and nights filled with honking noises. I belong to endless laughter shared with my brother as we tumble down a hill on a makeshift sledge.

I have experienced the thrill of lazying on the river bed with the sun warming and drying my wet body. I have listened to tiny birds with blue-black wings as they kept me company during the lonely hours of the dawn. I have climbed the mountains standing fearless and tall just to reach the top to scream and listen to my voice reverberate.

So, when I feel lost in this artificial world where people seem guarded to me, where people think about profit and loss before helping and find love only to satisfy the primal needs. I visit my memories which heals my lonesome heart, calms my anxiety and gives me hope that one day I’ll return to being the little girl smiling at her reflection in the water atop a lonely hill but with a fulfilled heart.

32 thoughts on “Peace found in Nowhere!

  1. Writing like this opens a door or a window into a different world! As a child I remember standing in a sandbox just staring up into the sky, just staring (at nothing my parents would say)…….staring at the clouds, the birds and flying insects! Wonder-filled! Wonderful! As we grow and learn about jobs and how to make a living, we forget about what really matters; the natural wonder-filled world.

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    1. Wow. Isn’t those feelings amazing.. So subtle yet profound. Even the most inconsequential moment in our life tells a story, a story which always calms me down whenever I am in a difficult situation. I am glad you could relate to this piece of writing and feel what I was trying to convey through meagre words. Appreciate it a lot.

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  2. This post offers a beautiful imagery framed by an all too common life experience from our city existence. I exist in the world of my vocation but truly live in communion with nature. I’m blessed that I don’t have to travel far to be surrounded by the nature that cleanses the detritus of daily life from my eager soul. Thank you for following. I’m always glad to find a kindred soul in the WordPress universe.

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    1. Thank you… for such kind words! They really put a smile on my face. Glad to know that you find solace in the midst of nature the way I do. And I hope to read more of the intriguing tales you spin with your words. Really looking forward to it. Keep up the work πŸ™‚

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      1. Truly my pleasure. We have a delightfully splendiferous group of writers and poets in our tiny blogosphere and you definitely fit right in. Eccentricity is treated like nobility and Expressive Souls are the aristocracy. Don’t hesitate to join in the fun. Of course, if you prefer to keep your sanity, we definitely respect that but please know, sanity is not required. 😁πŸ€ͺ

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      2. This is very true, my new super friend/sibling. We’ll need help and our WP gang is just the right people to get the job of Kingdom building done. We should get someone to donate a huge luxury camper bus we all can use as headquarters while the castle is being built and the under castle caves are dug out. I’m really excited about this.

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    1. Wow… that is amazing!! I am glad you could relate to it and connect it to your happy place! And it’s truly wonderful that you get to experience it whenever u feel!! πŸ™‚ small blessings pack biggest gifts for sure.

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  3. I really enjoyed the way this post took me out of the rush of city life and showed where peace can be found. Thanks for the like on my post My Last Meal.

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  4. Nice. I feel you.

    I’ve lived much of my life in NYC and often smile to myself while I slowly walk the busy sidewalks and see people furiously walking at such a brisk pace, often with a phone in one hand displaying a garish, artificial light upon their faces and occasionally bumping into people as if we’re all racing along an obstacle course.

    I have many special places where I relax to gather energy from Mother Earth and still my busy mind. 😎

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