Shit gets real.

Sometimes starting a book is pain in the ass!!


What is the biggest tragedy in the life of a reader?? 

When they are unable to start with a new and huge book (about 876 pages long)

Reasons been

A. I have 7 days deadline to finish it off

B. Internet is making me lazy

C. I know if I start reading, I’ll lose contact with the human world and go into realm of awesomeness.

D. If I start I would hate everyone who would make me pause in between.

E. Give up on food

F. When the book ends I’ll still be living in it.

G. And like a junkie I won’t ever stop reading on and on and on……………..

H. Doomed!!! 

And like every other sane minded reader, I’ll just go and hand over my soul to the book and allow it to suck me in, take me on amazing adventures, shred my whole existence apart and spew me back out reeling and wanting more. 

And most importantly I’ll daydream the hell out of the storyline. 

Here is this book I am dying to start off with 

Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley 

If you guys can give me really good recommendations then that would be really appreciated!!

8 thoughts on “Shit gets real.

  1. As with everything else in this topsy-turvy world all one can do is react according to where you are now! Unless you are a visionary or a mystic, are you able to read the future?

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    1. Unfortunately, I absolutely cannot read the future that is for sure. But if you call my 6th sense which just allows me to get the feel of what I am getting into some sort of mystical sense then yes. But I agree with the fact that you act as the situations demand and sometimes you can surprise your self. πŸ™‚

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