Three kind of people you find in hostels!

My college is starting and it would be a wonderful experience and  all that other cheery positive bullshit but let me start with my experience so far….

The people I got to know.


The homesick ones: They actually are so homesick that they pretend that they like nothing about the hostel. Even though the place is great and has like every amenity. They are gonna try to find small faults in everything and crib about it throughout the day. Like my conversation with her goes more on the lines of

She: Hey how was the food?

Me: Food was yum.. go eat some.

*calls mom*

She: Food is bad here,everything is bad here… moreover, it is expensive as hell. Waste of money yaddayaddayadda.. I want to change it.

Even though they yap about every negatives they won’t ever leave.

One more factor that comes into play with my roomie is that she actually has a friend in some other place and she wants to actually go live with her but since her college is closer from our hostel she is stuck with us. So she is desperately trying to get an out from this torturous hell(not)


Positive, suave, full of life, ready for the adventure types: They are like really positive and helpful they look forward to the adventure. They want the change. They want to grow, experiment and are like full on satisfied with whatever they have. Sometimes they do break down when they start missing their home but that is just temporary. They want to be confident, look good and always look at the positive side of things and they are  graced with that certain  poise and sophistication that it just makes you double check your monstrous habits and remedy them.

me: yaar.. we are getting lot of bill, we need to cut some slack on A.C.

She: don’t worry we will open the windows and turn down the A.c. 

*mosquitos attacks, gets diagnosed with dengue/malaria/chikungunya, DEATH*


Prude, focused, studious, shy, those people you can talk deep shit to types: They are really sensitive people. They like inspirational quotes, consider love, crushes and boys kind of waste of time. They know their purpose and are focused on their goals. Apart from that they are really cool to start a conversation with. The kind of conversation that basically deals with you narrating a story in it’s every painful and beautiful details. Really philosophical and deep.

You know they are spiritual and motivated and connected to their roots and they won’t change for anyone. Apart from that they are caring and if you are in pain they would come to you and ask you ten thousand times about how you are feeling?

Their homesickness is muted but comes out in the statements like, “I miss my brother so much.”

So they are all out philosophical and while talking to them you say so much deep stuff that it basically feels like this…

Obviously your roomies might vary but you will find such subtle nuances in atleast one of them. We get varied blend of random mix and match, these three are what I got. 

Aaannnnddd…. *intense drumroll* 


Me: They are strong considering the fact that they swallowed down the tears when they left their home not letting one precious drop spill. 

They are all sass and tries painfully to make awkward small talks which nobody really wants. They get shunned often but have a glass of cool cool iced tea to keep their loner ass company. I think they are doing well despite the circumstances.

All they want is to ogle some cute guys, read, have fun, play and watch beautiful sunsets at exotic places. *sigh*




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