My two cents on the hot debate: Nepotism in bollywood!

This debate has been blown off the charts when Kangana Ranaut raised the issue of the rich, privileged star kids getting platforms more often and regularly than the normal actors. First of all I want to give a huge applause to her guts for raising this issue on national television and that to on the face of one of the biggest perpetrators of nepotism Karan Johar. 

This debate intensified with the infamous IIFA stint performed by the three privileged star kids. I call them kids because their stint was immature and so childish. They were basically glorifying nepotism and throwing nasty shade on Kanagana Ranaut in a poor attempt in humour that just made me cringe throughout the performance.

What I really think about nepotism?

It is not exactly star kids fault if nepotism exists. According to me public demands to see star kids on big screen. They want them to do movies. I have read various articles about the star kids which makes them famous way before their time. They are thrown by media into limelight by constant stalking and an eye on their every social network activities. They are probed, their lifestyle questioned, their fashion judged, their potential analysed and what not! They are even compared to their star parents and are expected to follow them to stardom. It doesn’t end at that, if they go out they have paparazzi trained on them just because they have a star parent. Living a normal lifestyle gets out of question. 

Since we expect to watch star kids on big screen, they get more opportunities.

Only select few makes it to the top without help of any godfathers and leave a mark with their exceptionally well performance. But the difference is that they had to work a lot more harder and leave a lasting impression. 

What really hassles me is the fact that even though after giving back to back poor performances star kids still get movie offers. Whereas one poor performance by a newcomer and it is game over type of deal.

But some star kids really define the ‘it’s all in the genetics’ statement very well with their blockbuster performances. Tiger Shroff for one is a very talented kid with killer moves and a great personality. Alia Bhatt is cheery, peppy and a breath of fresh air in the league of monotonous heroines.

But in the end the times are changing. Audience has become extremely choosy and picky about the movies they want to watch. No more they want to see star studded movies but they go for content enriched movies. So the fate of neoptism is best left to the public, if they really want to see star kids they would prosper and nobody can do anything about it but if they don’t want to see them they won’t go for their movies and that would be end of it. 


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