Satisfaction and where do we find it!

This post can be called really personal because right now I am in that situation where the post’s titular focus deludes me. Yes, I really am trying to find satisfaction in the cards that I am dealt with. So, here are the evils that totally disrupts your inner peace of mind and forces you to want more that eventually leads to your misery, sadness and heartbreak of epic proportions if you don’t get it. But that is life my friend and you have to at some point of time deal with it and move on. However, hackneyed this advice might be, it actually reduces the ache and helps you deal with what would be forthcoming.

The evils that leads to discontentment can be:

Competition: We human beings in our primitive glory are just evolved competitive apes which at the end of the day still want the juiciest meat. We cannot bear to see so and so perform well without feeling resentment of sorts for the advantage of 2 sloppy second they got on you. In the world we are living in the little kids of 12 surpasses the IQ score of those of Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Reading about such prodigies makes you feel incompetent and thwarted, it feels like as if the fate cheated you when in reality you really are grateful for your average IQ that helps you pass the exams when you haven’t studied. It really is a battle of pros and cons running in your mind, your brain searching for a middle ground to keep itself satisfied by citing instances from your life. This quote might give you satisfaction level of infinity but don’t be fooled and undermine everything else around you cause in the end we all are primitive beings looking ways to survive and compete.


So to avoid feeling incompetent in fields of sciences, aerodynamics or any other field the reasonable thing to do is listen to your heart along with brain. Yes, you have to be smart about it and riding on the tide of emotions isn’t always logical. So, plan and then terminate your competition while enjoying the thrill of it.

Jealousy: Now this emotion is something I really want nothing to do with. I really consider it petty and emotionally draining. Even though till now it hasn’t inspired me to be rude and snarky to other people but I would be an angel complete with a halo and snowy wings if I straight out lie and say that i haven’t ever experienced it. I have suffered under it’s very potent influence feeling totally dissatisfied about one thing or other in me. I have pasted a smile and acted as if I wasn’t two seconds away from breaking down. Yeah, now i am just cribbing about myself, enough said. So to say it is a total waste of emotions on the people or things who you have placed in the highest altar in your mental shrine and consider perfect. You consider their luck, beauty, fate, yada yada flawless but in reality you wouldn’t want half of the woes they had be dealing with because let us face it everybody is internally dissatisfied even if he/she is rich, smoking hot, popular, a nobody, nerdy whatever. They had be battling with their own demons and yours would sit on your shoulder fighting a continuous long lasting battle with your angel driving you insane. I watch “not so silly” cartoons and movies whenever i am dealing with such mortal flaws, they give me a sense of happiness and peace. Plus exotic  locations and Pandas divert me in the best way possible and i would be insanely jealous if some person i know gets to experience it and if it is a person i dislike i would be downright murderous. NO KIDDING!

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Anndd here is a meme coming right your way:


There could be many other causes for discontentment that you can relate with depending on your condition. Let it be over some minor issue or some really unfair life changing event that you term downright unfair.

How do you tackle that soul crus

hing disappointment, sadness and end of the world feeling that takes control? How to do you find satisfaction?
I would just say that each one of you is unique and have your own personal coping mechanism. Riight!! But that would thwart the whole point of my long assed passage if I leave it at that.

If you are doing something for very first time, trying out a totally new thing, having an adventure for the first time and you want to garner complete satisfaction at the end of the day you should go and experience it on your OWN. Like seriously, if you listen to other people and plan your whole life around their opinion, you might just not know what you can experience. In the end, your experience might have whole new different angle so please don’t let other people ruin your fun. Be the critic of your own experience. Isn’t it our mortal flaw that what we consider fun and satisfying is based really on widely accepted notions and when a person goes on to discover something new which goes viral we automatically add that on the fun list too. So, it just depends on you. If something calls to your senses and beckons you irrespective of popular belief I will recommend you to go on and try it and savour every moment of it. If it’s the peace from the nature that calls to you or the bustling cities that gets you all excited, I say go and experience it all in it’s glory with no reservations. That is what satisfaction is all about, to garner experience, to learn, to have fun and to grow along with complete sense of fulfillment.

Whatever you do, do it with pure pleasure of doing it. Don’t get dissuaded or hampered by other know-it-alls who in reality have no idea. Don’t let them disrupt your inner peace. Find your sense of purpose and don’t get enticed by other things when you are on your way to achieve that but hey, who am i to preach if the “other things” leads to your satisfaction I would say Go on!!! Life is full of surprises and not each of them would be to our liking. I believe in Karma and it’s one of the many ideologues that says to do your Karm or work wholeheartedly without anticipating results. Universe will appreciate your efforts and would give you result according to what you deserve.

or if you are that kind of person that is always dissatisfied and never is happy with whatever life throws at you then adopt a life of hermit. If you think of forsaking all the materialistic pleasures of life and go in search of spiritual connection then a life of hermit would suit you.









7 thoughts on “Satisfaction and where do we find it!

      1. Hi, this was really long time back and honestly a way to vent out my feelings. so, I am really happy u found it worth reading.The different perspectives, unique way of looking at life be it in despair or in happens what makes art for me. Thank you so much 💙


  1. Your writing sounds an awful lot like my husband not to say you are any think like him but your writing is helping me to understand him. I could never take the risk of getting back together with him but I think reading your blog is helping me to heal and be more understanding of his perspective.


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