007 reasons why WE ALL LOVE BATMAN!!

1. PAST!

Thing that really blows your mind about batman is his woeful past which shaped him into the dark knight, protector of Gotham city and a vigilante superhero that will always look after his city and it’s people no matter what. So, we all know what made him this way: him witnessing his parent’s death in a dirty alley by a mugger. In all fairness, death of his parents in front of his eyes was a cruel twist of fate, least anticipated and a pivotal moment in young Bruce’s life. We all have mixed feelings about this scene, we can’t help feel pity towards Batz but also realise at the same time that this scene is what gave us our vigilante superhero.


2. Alfred Pennyworth: Not just a Butler!

I have a special soft spot for butlers in my heart. I grew up watching Alfred and Cadbury. They both are just complete opposite of each other but totally adorable personalities. One thing they do have in common is that they both manage the daily antics of two rich and notorious boys. I think it takes certain amount of heroism to guide a young boy recently traumatised by his parent’s death in right path. His loyalty pertaining to Bruce Wayne and Batman both is worth the applause. He is that character not many take notice of or appreciate but in reality constitutes the backbone of the whole plot. So all in all, both Richie Rich and Bruce Wayne had few friends but both had a loyal Butler in whom they found mentor, guide and family.

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3. Symbolising his fear!

In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, we see Young Bruce Wayne’s abject fear of bats when he falls into a cave and is attacked by hordes of bats and how he adopts his fear to be his biggest strength and his identity. It left a lasting impression on everybody’s mind and we still see these memes which are clearly inspired by this context. It could be called that one small push that add towards the grandeur of Batman. Even though there are many alternate versions of how he thought of his superhero name but for me this version is more intriguing.



This partnership could be called as one of the greatest partnership in the history of fiction! We are in love with both of them equally. This “crime fighting duo” has fought alongside and overcome many challenges and villains. We are introduced to many Robins from Dick Grayson to the recent Damien Wayne and the legacy of caped crusaders would continue on.

Anndd nothing completes my day the way decent dose of Batman and Robin’s memes do. ❤


“Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos, I’m an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”

Everybody agrees that batman’s greatest adversary is more loved by all than Batman himself. Heath Ledger immortalised the role with his award winning performance. He successfully portrayed the role of a criminal mastermind with sadistic tendencies. His cat and mouse chase with batman throughout Gotham made us want to drive the batpod soo bad!


His eccentricity, his charm and the fear that he imbibes along with that perfect smile makes him the most successful villain of all time. His murders and crimes have no greater aim or agenda, he does it for his amusement and fun which makes him a lot more dangerous!


Aren’t we impressed by the vigorous training that Bruce went through to get to this level. He did not only master physical fitness but also honed his knowledge on various subjects and also emotionally strengthened himself. He has no super powers or god gifted abilities but his own skills that he perfected. His training was rigorous, It wasn’t only physically demanding but also emotionally exhausting.


7. All that badass technology!

My personal Favourite is Batman fidget spinner cause that is only one thing that my broke ass can afford and i gotta tell you it is mighty fine.

All his gadgets and ingenious little devices reminds me of Richie Rich again. Woah. They both did have cool gadgets in hand.

His batmobile is something only rich sheikhs could afford for all i know plus the batpod is insane as hell. We sure love those sleek batarangs. While playing Arkham knight i spend half of my time exploring the city using my grappling gun which made me appreciate that technology a little more. A hero with no flying powers or any other supernatural abilities does require a little help to get to places and public transport isn’t the most logical option neither the batmobile while trying to escape from a situation with stealth. Leave it to the world’s greatest detective to create cool gadgets to serve that purpose and make us commoners yearn for those gadgets so bad.

There are 100 things to love about this character but that would require a whole novel! For now this is what my list would conclude at.

James Gordon, all of batman’s paramour(even tho I personally love batman all single, brooding and insanely hot, well enough), batgirl a.k.a Barbara Gordon(but she deserves a whole post on her cause she is that awesome), let’s not forget the other villains such as Riddler, penguin, poison ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane, scarecrow, two face and many more, Arkham knight the one amazing video game.

and of course batman Lego movie ❤


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