007 reasons why WE ALL LOVE BATMAN!!

1. PAST!

Thing that really blows your mind about batman is his woeful past which shaped him into the dark knight, protector of Gotham city and a vigilante superhero that will always look after his city and it’s people no matter what. So, we all know what made him this way: him witnessing his parent’s death in a dirty alley by a mugger. In all fairness, death of his parents in front of his eyes was a cruel twist of fate, least anticipated and a pivotal moment in young Bruce’s life. We all have mixed feelings about this scene, we can’t help feel pity towards Batz but also realise at the same time that this scene is what gave us our vigilante superhero.


2. Alfred Pennyworth: Not just a Butler!

I have a special soft spot for butlers in my heart. I grew up watching Alfred and Cadbury. They both are just complete opposite of each other but totally adorable personalities. One thing they do have in common is that they both manage the daily antics of two rich and notorious boys. I think it takes certain amount of heroism to guide a young boy recently traumatised by his parent’s death in right path. His loyalty pertaining to Bruce Wayne and Batman both is worth the applause. He is that character not many take notice of or appreciate but in reality constitutes the backbone of the whole plot. So all in all, both Richie Rich and Bruce Wayne had few friends but both had a loyal Butler in whom they found mentor, guide and family.

Untitled collage.jpg

3. Symbolising his fear!

In Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins, we see Young Bruce Wayne’s abject fear of bats when he falls into a cave and is attacked by hordes of bats and how he adopts his fear to be his biggest strength and his identity. It left a lasting impression on everybody’s mind and we still see these memes which are clearly inspired by this context. It could be called that one small push that add towards the grandeur of Batman. Even though there are many alternate versions of how he thought of his superhero name but for me this version is more intriguing.



This partnership could be called as one of the greatest partnership in the history of fiction! We are in love with both of them equally. This “crime fighting duo” has fought alongside and overcome many challenges and villains. We are introduced to many Robins from Dick Grayson to the recent Damien Wayne and the legacy of caped crusaders would continue on.

Anndd nothing completes my day the way decent dose of Batman and Robin’s memes do. ❤


“Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos, I’m an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.”

Everybody agrees that batman’s greatest adversary is more loved by all than Batman himself. Heath Ledger immortalised the role with his award winning performance. He successfully portrayed the role of a criminal mastermind with sadistic tendencies. His cat and mouse chase with batman throughout Gotham made us want to drive the batpod soo bad!


His eccentricity, his charm and the fear that he imbibes along with that perfect smile makes him the most successful villain of all time. His murders and crimes have no greater aim or agenda, he does it for his amusement and fun which makes him a lot more dangerous!


Aren’t we impressed by the vigorous training that Bruce went through to get to this level. He did not only master physical fitness but also honed his knowledge on various subjects and also emotionally strengthened himself. He has no super powers or god gifted abilities but his own skills that he perfected. His training was rigorous, It wasn’t only physically demanding but also emotionally exhausting.


7. All that badass technology!

My personal Favourite is Batman fidget spinner cause that is only one thing that my broke ass can afford and i gotta tell you it is mighty fine.

All his gadgets and ingenious little devices reminds me of Richie Rich again. Woah. They both did have cool gadgets in hand.

His batmobile is something only rich sheikhs could afford for all i know plus the batpod is insane as hell. We sure love those sleek batarangs. While playing Arkham knight i spend half of my time exploring the city using my grappling gun which made me appreciate that technology a little more. A hero with no flying powers or any other supernatural abilities does require a little help to get to places and public transport isn’t the most logical option neither the batmobile while trying to escape from a situation with stealth. Leave it to the world’s greatest detective to create cool gadgets to serve that purpose and make us commoners yearn for those gadgets so bad.

There are 100 things to love about this character but that would require a whole novel! For now this is what my list would conclude at.

James Gordon, all of batman’s paramour(even tho I personally love batman all single, brooding and insanely hot, well enough), batgirl a.k.a Barbara Gordon(but she deserves a whole post on her cause she is that awesome), let’s not forget the other villains such as Riddler, penguin, poison ivy, Mr. Freeze, Bane, scarecrow, two face and many more, Arkham knight the one amazing video game.

and of course batman Lego movie ❤


2392502385e55b3585939c10918de335.jpgRelated image

Featured post

Steve Smith and other scandals! 

Ball-tampering scandal that shook the Australian cricketing world isn’t a very new concept. It has happened many times in the past but the reason behind the huge media furor that it garnered this time was due to the recent altercation between Quinton De Kock and David Warner which had everyone overcharged and under such circumstances this whole scandal blew up. Also the added concealment and misleading comments from the guilty party added to the anger of the public and the cricket fans worldwide.

Here we sum up all such incidents Steve Smith has been a part of:

We all are very familiar with Australia’s very open and welcoming attitude towards sledging. They have no qualms in restraining when it comes to sledging and Smith has officially declared his boys to “go for it” if it comes to making pressure on-field! Even though sledging is common it becomes problematic when it leads to heated altercation on the stairs the likes of which happened during Durban test amongst David Warner and Quinton de Kock. 

Most charged of such drama was during Border-Gavaskar trophy. Virat Kohli and Steve Smith had a bit of a tiff over the DRS which Steve Smith tried to cleverly hide under the pretense of ‘brain fade’.  Steve Smith repeatedly looked at his teammates in dressing room to get a confirmation to ask for the limited DRS which was caught by Virat Kohli who in his very aggressive manner addressed this to the on-field umpires and the controversy blew up with Steve Smith after losing the test match apologised and tried to smooth things over. 

Ashes series could be termed as the most heated and charged series in the world of cricket as both Australia and England try to take the trophy home and have official bragging rights. It’s right next to India-pakistan match in it’s intensity. This Ashes also was charged with heated words exchanged between Steve Smith and Stuart Broad. They head butted during the second test match which was then interrupted by the umpires. 

And who can forget the incident involving Kagiso Rabada and Steve Smith. Steve Smith was not happy when Rabada’s punishment and ban was reduced by ICC.  This incident happened when after taking Steve Smith’s wicket Rabada appealed and after successfully winning it, he bumped into Steve Smith while celebrating. Which was not taken lightly by the Australian captain! This led to quite a verbal spat between Faf Du Plessis and Steve Smith. While Faf Du Plessis welcomed the decisions and deemed it fair. Steve Smith considered the decision to be wrong as physical contact of any form is an offence and needs to be addressed appropriately.

But all said and done let’s hope the spirit of cricket doesn’t get tarnished completely and once called the gentlemen’s game doesn’t get reduced to on-field bickering. The ball tampering scandal  cost Steve Smith his career and reputation and completely destroyed many cricketing fans faith in this game. 


She was the kind with unkempt hair, soulful eyes and easy smile..

He was the kind with slicked back hair, spectacled brown eyes and an engaging smile…

They met and fit perfectly, unconditionally and then the easy conversation began..

It was nothing but a passing hello, a furtive glance and greetings passed in hushed voices…

But isn’t everything that makes an impact and lasts long starts that way.. 

He was so into studies, making a future and worldly ethos that he held feelings for her close to him.. 

She was soo into him that she changed herself to suit him.. 

He wanted to build his shoulders strong enough to carry her aspirations and her dreams.. 

She wanted to wait for him, preparing, working hard, building her feelings every day so that she can be a best member of his team…

They became best friends, slept sleepless nights tossing around..

Their roads might have diverged but their promises remain strong in the current of time…

And I know when the time takes a beautiful turn and everything falls into place, in the far realm of dreams turning into reality ..

Yearnings will end…

And a story will begin..


Shit gets real.

What is the biggest tragedy in the life of a reader?? 

When they are unable to start with a new and huge book (about 876 pages long)

Reasons been

A. I have 7 days deadline to finish it off

B. Internet is making me lazy

C. I know if I start reading, I’ll lose contact with the human world and go into realm of awesomeness.

D. If I start I would hate everyone who would make me pause in between.

E. Give up on food

F. When the book ends I’ll still be living in it.

G. And like a junkie I won’t ever stop reading on and on and on……………..

H. Doomed!!! 

And like every other sane minded reader, I’ll just go and hand over my soul to the book and allow it to suck me in, take me on amazing adventures, shred my whole existence apart and spew me back out reeling and wanting more. 

And most importantly I’ll daydream the hell out of the storyline. 

Here is this book I am dying to start off with 

Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley 

If you guys can give me really good recommendations then that would be really appreciated!!

My two cents on the hot debate: Nepotism in bollywood!

This debate has been blown off the charts when Kangana Ranaut raised the issue of the rich, privileged star kids getting platforms more often and regularly than the normal actors. First of all I want to give a huge applause to her guts for raising this issue on national television and that to on the face of one of the biggest perpetrators of nepotism Karan Johar. 

This debate intensified with the infamous IIFA stint performed by the three privileged star kids. I call them kids because their stint was immature and so childish. They were basically glorifying nepotism and throwing nasty shade on Kanagana Ranaut in a poor attempt in humour that just made me cringe throughout the performance.

What I really think about nepotism?

It is not exactly star kids fault if nepotism exists. According to me public demands to see star kids on big screen. They want them to do movies. I have read various articles about the star kids which makes them famous way before their time. They are thrown by media into limelight by constant stalking and an eye on their every social network activities. They are probed, their lifestyle questioned, their fashion judged, their potential analysed and what not! They are even compared to their star parents and are expected to follow them to stardom. It doesn’t end at that, if they go out they have paparazzi trained on them just because they have a star parent. Living a normal lifestyle gets out of question. 

Since we expect to watch star kids on big screen, they get more opportunities.

Only select few makes it to the top without help of any godfathers and leave a mark with their exceptionally well performance. But the difference is that they had to work a lot more harder and leave a lasting impression. 

What really hassles me is the fact that even though after giving back to back poor performances star kids still get movie offers. Whereas one poor performance by a newcomer and it is game over type of deal.

But some star kids really define the ‘it’s all in the genetics’ statement very well with their blockbuster performances. Tiger Shroff for one is a very talented kid with killer moves and a great personality. Alia Bhatt is cheery, peppy and a breath of fresh air in the league of monotonous heroines.

But in the end the times are changing. Audience has become extremely choosy and picky about the movies they want to watch. No more they want to see star studded movies but they go for content enriched movies. So the fate of neoptism is best left to the public, if they really want to see star kids they would prosper and nobody can do anything about it but if they don’t want to see them they won’t go for their movies and that would be end of it. 

Satisfaction and where do we find it!

This post can be called really personal because right now I am in that situation where the post’s titular focus deludes me. Yes, I really am trying to find satisfaction in the cards that I am dealt with. So, here i’ll write about the evils that totally disrupts your inner peace of mind and forces you to want more that eventually leads to your misery, sadness and heartbreak of epic proportions if you don’t get it. But that is life my friend and you have to at some point of time deal with it and move on. However, hackneyed this advice might be, it actually reduces the ache and helps you deal with what would be forthcoming.

The evils that leads to discontentment can be:

Competition: We all human beings in our primitive glory are just evolved competitive apes which at the end of the day still want the juiciest meat. We cannot bear to see so and so perform well without feeling resentment of sorts for the advantage of 2 sloppy second they got on you. In a world we are living the little kids of 12 surpasses the IQ score of those of Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Reading about such prodigies makes you feel incompetent and thwarted, it feels like as if the fate cheated you when in reality you really are grateful for your average IQ that helps you pass the exams when you haven’t studied. It really is a battle of pros and cons running in your mind, your brain searching for a middle ground to keep itself satisfied by citing instances from your life. This quote might give you satisfaction level of infinity but don’t be fooled and undermine everything else around you cause in the end we all are primitive beings looking ways to survive and compete.


So to avoid feeling incompetent in fields of sciences, aerodynamics or on any other field the reasonable thing to do is listen to your heart along with brain. Yes, you have to be smart about it and riding on the tide of emotions isn’t always logical. So, plan and then terminate your competition while enjoying the thrill of it.

Jealousy: Now this emotion is something I really want nothing to do with. I really consider it petty and emotionally draining. Even though till now it hasn’t inspired me to be rude and snarky to other people but i would be an angel complete with a halo and snowy wings if I straight out lie and say that i haven’t ever experienced it. I have suffered under it’s very potent influence feeling totally dissatisfied about one thing or other in me. I have pasted a smile and acted as if I wasn’t two seconds away from breaking down. Yeah, now i am just cribbing about myself enough said. So to say it is a total waste of emotions on the people or things who you have placed in the highest altar in your mental shrine and consider perfect. You consider their luck, beauty, fate, yada yada flawless but in reality you wouldn’t want half of the woes they had be dealing with because let us face it everybody is internally dissatisfied even if he/she is rich, smoking hot, popular, a nobody, nerdy whatever. They had be battling with their own demons and yours would sit on your shoulder fighting a continuous long lasting battle with your angel driving you insane. I watch “not so silly” cartoons and movies whenever i am dealing with such mortal flaws, they give me a sense of happiness and peace. Plus exotic  locations and Pandas divert me in the best way possible and i would be insanely jealous if some person i know gets to experience it and if it is a person i dislike i would be downright murderous. NO KIDDING!

Related image
Anndd here is a meme coming right your way:


There could be many other causes for discontentment that you can relate with depending on your condition. Let it be over some minor issue or some really unfair life changing event that you term it downright unfair.

How do you tackle that soul crushing disappointment, sadness and end of the world feeling that takes control? How to do you find satisfaction?
I would just say that each one of you is unique and have your own personal coping mechanism. Riight!! But that would thwart the whole point of my long assed passage if I leave it at that.

If you are doing something for very first time, trying out a totally new thing, having an adventure for the first time and you want to garner complete satisfaction at the end of the day you should go and experience it on your OWN. Like seriously, if you listen to other people and plan your whole life around their opinion, you might just not know what you can experience. In the end, your experience might have whole new different angle so please don’t let other people ruin your fun. Be the critic of your own experience. Isn’t it our mortal flaw that what we consider fun and satisfying is based really on widely accepted notions and when a person goes on to discover something new which goes viral we automatically add that on the fun list too. So, it just depends on you. If something calls to your senses and beckons you irrespective of popular belief I will recommend you to go on try it and savour every moment of it. If it’s the peace from the nature that calls to you or the bustling cities that gets you all excited, I say go and experience it all in it’s glory with no reservations. That is what satisfaction is all about, to garner experience, to learn, to have fun and to grow along with complete sense of fulfillment.

Whatever you do, do it with pure pleasure of doing it. Don’t get dissuaded or hampered by other know-it-alls who in reality have no idea. Don’t let them disrupt your inner peace. Find your sense of purpose and don’t get enticed by other things when you are on your way to achieve that but hey, who am i to preach if the “other things” leads to your satisfaction I would say Go on!!! Life is full of surprises and not each of them would be to our liking. I believe in Karma and it’s one of the many ideologues that says to do your Karm or work wholeheartedly without anticipating results. Universe will appreciate your efforts and would give you result according to what you deserve.

or if you are that kind of person that is always dissatisfied and never is happy at whatever life throws at you then adopt a life of hermit. If you think of forsaking all the materialistic pleasures of life and go in search of spiritual connection then a life of hermit would suit you.









wubba lubba dub dub!


Finally the wait is over and Rick and Morty’s season 3 is upon us! Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon are all set to air the second episode of the third season sci-fi sitcom on July 30th at 11:30 PM EST. So the two previous seasons have been totally scintillating and exciting and we just can’t wait for the 3rd instalment cause if the trailers are any indication it is gonna be EPIC! Just can’t wait.


And here we’ll meet the cutest of the Rick’s.. “Turned myself into a pickle Morty, I am PICKLE RICKKKKK!” I for one am digging this new Rick.


To sum it up the trailer is as dope as it can get. Introducing all new places, all new characters and hopefully we’ll get to see more of the TV shows from infinite dimensions. Summer is looking badass along with her cyborg avatar infact Summer’s character development looks something to look forward for what with she busting monster ass and and whipping out major COD moves. Jerry…well, Jerry looks the same maybe more Jerrier if that makes sense. Personally, i really want Squanchy not to be dead as it is implied because i adore that little anthropomorphic cat person a little too much!



This joker guy with hair that is a disconcerting cross between a judge’s wig and batman is someone that we are just dying to see. *shots are fired*

We hope this character portrays out to be the baddest and sassiest villain of all time Rick and Morty’s Villain and has the same chilling and thrilling impact that Heath Ledger left with his Joker. With that said and done everyone is digging those heels to go along with his entire evil ensemble and that smile… That damned smile. *swoon*meme template.jpg

AND NOW ABOUT ONE CHARACTER MISSED BY MANY IN THE TRAILER, she is someone every Morty squanches to.

Yes her ❤ .. Morty’s object of fantasy and sexual desire. She is that cliche popular chick that Morty wants to get some action with.


Last we saw her as mutated cronenberg in Rick Potion and we would love to see more of her. Cause watching Morty around her reminds us of our that one hopeless crush that we have done “everything” with in our *cough* mind *cough*.
You know all those cute and cuddly things like sitting in front of a fire all warm and toasty, with your head resting on your crush’s shoulder and you both gazing with so much affection into each others eyes. NOT!!

On the end note, there is a lot of expectations on Rick. We are hoping for a little more clue on what made Rick into this alcoholic degenerate who treats human emotions as unnecessary frailties. He doesn’t let his caring self out often but some instances throughout the show gave us some glimpses that made us like his quirky personality a little bit more.

Aaand i can bet you wouldn’t have not felt that weird stinging in your eyes when you saw the sacrifice that Rick made for his family in the end of season 2. Damn you, tear ducts. So all in all it won’t hurt to have more of such small glimpses of caring Rick.

BUCKLE UP, RIORTIANS (just made it up) … for a lot more sci-fi adventure through the space, time and dimensions.. kicking major alien ass and for all that science-y stuff that will blow your mind!














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